The services of Homeocare InternationalConstitutional Homeopathy” is also available in Puducherry. Our (Chairman and Managing Director for Homeocare International) Dr. Srikanth Morlawar Garu along with CM Shri. V. Narayanasamy Garu, Health Minister Shri. Malladi Krishna Rao Garu and MLA Shri. K. Lakshminarayanan Garu. The new 43rd branch opening at Puducherry is ingurated today(17-7-20171) succesfully. The event has completed happily and we step forward to give the Homeopathy Treatment in Puducherry also.

Homeocare International HAPI Patient Logo Launched by CM V.Narayanswamy Garu

Homeocare International new branch in Puducherry 3rd branch event inaugurated by CM V.Narayanswamy Garu


Homeocare International 43rd New Branch Grand Opening at Puducherry by CM Shri. V. Narayanasamy Garu

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