Most people suffer from back pain at some point in their life. It is the second most common condition in the world after the common cold.  It is not a disease but a symptom caused by different processes.

Causes of Back pain?

Back-pain is caused due to various reasons. It can be caused by injury to back muscles or the bone nerves of the spine. Repeated heavy lifting or sudden awkward movement can strain back muscles and spinal ligament. Or it could be caused due to the degeneration of the vertebral bones or the disks. It can also be caused by a tumour in the spine. Sometimes a defect is caused in the spines curvature which causes lots of pain. Then back pain is also caused by herniation of the disk in the spine. Disk herniation occurs when the soft nucleus fluid of the disk leaks and touches the nearby nerve. This nerve irritation causes chronic pain and has other side effects.

Homeopathy  Treatment for Back pain 

These are the best homeopathic treatment for back pains:

  • Rhustox:

This is used for patients who are suffering from violent pain in the back as if it is broken. The pain is somewhat relieved due to motion.

  • Ruta:

This is used when the patient is suffering from pain in the back, nape that is behind the neck, and loins.  The pain is relieved when pressure is applied like when the patient is lying on the back.

  • Hypericum:

This is used for patients who have pain in the spine due to concussion or injury.

  • Calc Flour:

This is used for patients who are suffering from burning pain in the lower part of the back. The pain is caused due to early degeneration of the disks.

  • Kali Carb:

This is used for patients who have a sharp stitching pain in the back and it feels stiff.  The back is always sweaty for these patients.

Homeopathy Treatment For Back Pain

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