From Homeopathy point of view, the syndrome of Diabetes Mellitus (DM) is a chronic constitutional disease of whole body. If untreated or under treated diabetes with uncontrolled blood sugar levels over a prolonged period, it affects all the organs in the body especially the blood vessels and leads to micro as well as macro vascular complications leading to diseases like MI, Stroke, Diabetic nephropathy, which can be life threatening and certainly reduce the quality of life.

Today the incidence of DM is on raise and is fast assuming epidemic proportions in urban populations as well as rural populations in India and else where in world. Thus; any research on such a disease assumes national & international importance.

A review of the relevant data from our studies reveals two significant facts:
1) In the diabetic patients, incidence of patients suffering with Insulin Dependent Diabetes Mellitus (IDDM) is around 2% whereas that of Non- Insulin Dependent Diabetes Mellitus (NIDDM) is around 98% .

2) NIDDM can be regulated in many patients by diet and exercise alone, about 60% to 70 % patients do, however, require medicines and treatment.

Conventional lines of treatment act either by providing insulin or by re – activating available insulin. But Homeopathy, however, works by acting on the basic susceptibility of the human system, correcting basic fault i.e., – disorganization into state of organization and normal functioning thus leading to state of health. Thus with Homeopathic treatment, there are greater chances of the diseased human system returning to normal. More importantly, Homeopathy approaches all the illness and problems of health holistically, which takes into consideration the person as a whole and his environment, and not an organ or a system or a symptom alone.

1) This has two implications: under homeopathy treatment at Homeocare International, a diabetic patient can achieve not only blood sugar control, but also a vibrant sense of well being.

2) Creating awareness by Re-educating the patient and his family that a healthy modifications in life style, diet and exercise plays a vital role in successful management of Diabetes Mellitus.

A scientific Review of the all the available Homeopathic literature demonstrates the efficacy of Homeopathic medicine in the management of Diabetes Mellitus. However, Homeocare International has carried out a systematic clinical trial to explore and tested out the validity of these assertions with positive and encouraging results. These studies also include cases with complications: commonest being gangrenes of the foot and diabetic neuropathy, in which results are encouraging.

Study reveled that, those patients with recent onset Diabetes, responded well with Homeopathic treatment for diabetes at Homeocare International, diet, exercise and re-education of the patient and family regarding Diabetes, its complications and importance of treatment and advantages of homeopathic treatment proved very effective.

The patients with long-standing diabetes ie patients suffering from diabetes more than 10-15 years take time to respond to the homeopathic treatment initially, as they are already on high doses of medication/Insulin, it takes time and most of the patients lose patience, but treatment has very good and encouraging positive results with long term Homeopathic Treatment at Homeocare International.

Can Diabetes Be Treated with Homeopathy?

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4 thoughts on “Can Diabetes Be Treated with Homeopathy?

  1. Iam suffering from Insulin dependent Diabetes since 2 years, Is it possible to cure diabetes permanently with Homeopathy treatment?

  2. Yes, it is possible to cure diabetes with Homeopathy treatment. I took treatment at Homeocare International within 6 months I observe the results. Now I’m sugar free.

  3. Hi, Homeocare Team, My name is Suresh, I’m 54 years old. From last 6 months, I’m observing some changes in my body. That is Feeling very hungry even though while eating, blurry vision and frequent urination. I have fear about it. Is it possible to convert into Diabetes? Please suggest me anything.

  4. Iam suffering with Diabetes. i want to cure this through homeopathy. can I trust this homeopathy?? is there any proofs regarding homeopathy treatment for diabetes???

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