Homeopathy treatment can rid you of those unwanted white patches on your skin

A delicate balance between the number of dead melanocytes (skin pigment cells) and the growth of new melanocytes everyday is indicative of normal skin activity.But in people affected by Leucoderma,this balance gets disturbed as a result of which white/light colored skin patches are seen.

The main cause of Leucoderma is auto immunity where our own immune system mistakes the pigment cells for foreign bodies and destroys them.The cause of Leucoderma could be accidental as a burn,cut,or an ulcer.The condition also results due to exposure to certain skin ointments,allergic substances etc.It affects men and women equally and people of all age groups,but is seen more in adults and aged people.Sometimes this is also carried by genes to the next generation.
The appearance of white patch on skin can be treated as Leucoderma if it has a dark outline than the skin,has an irregular appearance,shows a gradual increase in size and appears milky white when seen under UV light.The spot gradually enlarges and forms a larger patch.In some cases these patches remain stagnant through whole life.But in most cases these spread spontaneously and merge,covering most of the skin and in many instances only one patch enlarges covering a larger area of skin area.It usually starts in areas where the skin is folded like edges of eyes,ears,palms,legs etc.

Leucoderma is not contagious.There are many conventional treatments available in the form of skin lotions and ointments which offers only temporary remedy.Highly advanced homeopathic care from Homeocare International addresses this condition in the long term by eliminating the root cause of Leucoderma.The treatment takes time and offers long-lasting solution beginning with reduction in the size of patches.For accurate diagnosis of white patches on skin and comprehensive cure,contact experts at Homeocare International.

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