What is Azoospermia?

Azoospermia is a seminal fluid lack of sperm. Azoospermia is withal kenned as the Zero sperm count in the semen. In other words, it is the total absence of sperms during ejaculation or in orgasm. If pregnancy has not happened even after one year of unprotected sex, this implies the Male, female, or even both may have a fertility issue. The male has a fertility problem in 40 per cent of infertile couples. Approximately 1percent of all males and 12-15percent of infertile males have azoospermia. Azoospermia can be grouped into three major types of pre-testicular (non-obstructive) causes, testicular (non-obstructive) causes, and post-testicular (obstructive) causes.

What are the causes of azoospermia?

In 10 percent -15 percent of men with low or no sperm production, genetics (inheritance) plays a role. The number, shape, size, and quality of sperm may be affected by defects in chromosomes (the structure within a cell nucleus that contains genetic information). Defects on the Y (male) chromosome may happen at different places. A piece of the Y chromosome (microdeletion) may be missing in some cases and cause infertility.

In other words, defective genes always cause problems with fertility. Vasectomy, testicular dysfunction, cancer chemotherapy, exposure to certain chemicals, and epididymal tubular blockage may cause or induce azoospermia(No Sperm Count or Zero Sperm Count).

Certain traumatic conditions may lead to azoospermia. Previous injury or surgery to the spine, pelvis, lower abdomen or male sexual organs may cause damage to the male reproductive system.

Smoking, drinking alcohol, and using illegal drugs may also cause problems with sperm production.

How is Azoospermia diagnosed?

Azoospermia is diagnosed when a high-powered microscope is used to find no sperm cells in centrifuged seminal fluid specimens on two distinct occasions. A centrifuge is a laboratory tool to spin a test sample to its different components at elevated velocity. If sperm cells are present, they are separated and can be seen under the microscope in the case of centrifuged seminal fluid.

How is Azoospermia treated?

Genetic testing and proper medical counselling are often a paramount part of understanding and treating azoospermia. It is possible to reconstruct or reconnect obstructed or disconnected ducts in cases of obstructive azoospermia. Hormone treatments may be possible in cases where the main issue is low hormone engenderment.

Men with non-obstructive azoospermia should receive genetic analysis afore their sperm is acclimated to perform any type of availed fertilization, to learn if any genetic risks may be passed to children. In case, If living sperms are present, they can be retrieved from the testes for the purport of availed gravidity such as in vitro fertilization or intracytoplasmic sperm injection.

How Homoeopathy helps to cure Azoospermia

Homoeopathy treatment is found to be the most effective therapy in the treatment of low sperm motility, low sperm volume, and abnormal sperm cell morphology, Delayed seminal liquefaction, Semen Viscosity, Anti sperm antibody and combination of the any of the disorder either Endocrine or Urology or of both.

Homeopathy treatment for Azoospermia

Homeopathy treatment for Azoospermia corrects Spermatogenesis (formation os sperms)by making harmony in hormones as well as other associate urological situation. It improves not only sperm count but also its quality. It raises low sperm motility to high sperm motility. It also improves grades of sperm motility simultaneously.

Expert Homeopathy Doctors at Homeocare International provide constitutional homeopathy treatment for Azoospermia which helps to correct and improve sperm counts in a safe and natural way.

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Homeopathy Treatment for Azoospermia

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