What is Dandruff?

Dandruff is a skin condition the effects the scalp of the patient. It leads to flaking and mild itchiness. Then there is a more severe form of the condition which leads to inflammation of the skin which is called seborrhoeic dermatitis.


What causes dandruff?

The cause of dandruff is as such unclear. It may involve a number of genetic and environmental factors. The condition is known to worsen when winters approach.  Mainly it is considered to occur when there is excessive growth of skin cells in the scalp area. It is also considered to be casue by excessive skin oil secretions known as sebum.

Types of dandruff

There are 3 types of dandruff:

  1. Fungal Growth:

This is generally caused by oiliness or an imbalanced pH of the scalp. These things are caused by poor cleaning habits, or allergic reaction to the hair products that a person uses.

  1. Dry Scalp:

This happens when the skin of the scalp becomes so dry that it starts to fall of like snake skin.

  1. Product Build-up:

This is caused when people pile up lots of styling products on their scalp.

Dandruff treatment in homeopathy

Best dandruff treatment in homeopathy are:

  • Sanicula:

This is used for patients who have profuse scaly dandruff and the patient looks old, is thin, and smells like cheese.

  • Sepia:

This is used for patients who have very sensitive hair roots and is suffering from excessive hair loss. The patient scratches his hair regularly and is sad and weepy.

  • Bryonia Alba:

This is used for patients who have very greasy hair with a sensitive scalp. They may also be suffering from fry and burning heat sensation.

  • Mezereum:

This is used for patients who have very white scaly dandruff. These look like white scabs. The patient may also be suffering from or be sensitive to cold.

Homeopathy Treatment for Dandruff

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