Homeopathic Remedies for Piles Problems

Piles are inflamed or swollen veins. Piles are also called as hemorrhoids. Our food pipe or esophagus in which food passes begins with mouth and ends at anus. Large intestine is the end part of our food pipe or gastrointestinal tract, this begins at colon and ends at anus. Swollen and inflamed veins in rectum and anus is called piles. When veins in lower part of the rectum gets swollen, then they are treated as internal piles, where as if the veins at anal region get swollen or inflamed then they are referred as external piles. Swelling in veins can be due to increased pressure in veins. Pressure in veins located in rectum and anal region causes several symptoms of piles.

Extra intra abdominal pressure increase pressure outside the rectal veins, this pressure on the outside rectal vein increases pressure inside the vein. When we strain or put pressure to pass stools it increases intra abdominal pressure. Several problems like constipation, hard stool and so on increase pressure or strain while passing stools. Different factors like lack of fibre in diet, not drinking enough water leads to hard stool.

Causes of piles

Causes of piles mainly depend on one factor called abdominal pressure. As this abdominal pressure increase the pressure in the anal vein and leads to piles. Abdominal pressure is mainly caused due to the following causes

  • Constipation- people who face constipation put more pressure while passing the stool and this extra pressure increase the intra abdominal pressure which in turn affects rectal vein.
  • Hard stool- lack of fibre in diet food leads to hard stool, individuals put extra strain to pass the hard stool which again leads to piles.
  • Long term hyper acidity and flatulence – health conditions like excess acidity and flatulence increase the abdominal pressure and leads to piles.
  • Sedentary life style- people who sit for long hours like IT sector employees or corporate people are at an increased risk of developing piles as sitting for long hours increase the abdominal pressure and thus causes piles.
  • Lack of exercise or physical activity- sitting for longer hours and lack of physical activity affects bowel movements and leads to piles.
  • Heavy weight or obesity- people with heavy weight and obesity are at an increased risk for piles as their weight increase the pressure in anal area and causes piles.
  • Conceived women- carrying a baby increases intra abdominal pressure and leads to piles.
  • Diarrhea – people who face chronic diarrhea are at increased risk of developing piles.

Signs and symptoms

People with piles face few signs and symptoms like

  • Hemorrhage- the veins present in the anus and rectum are very delicate and can hemorrhage with increased pressure in veins or also due to intra abdominal pressure. Hard stools may tear the delicate veins and lead to hemorrhage.
  • Pain and discomfort- people face pain and discomfort when the veins get swollen. Though the veins itself do not initiate pain but the muscle around it and the piles extend out causes severe pain. Thrombus formation in the piles vein also leads to pain.
  • Itching sensation- the swollen piles leak mucus that can cause itching and burning sensation around the anus.

Piles Treatment in Homeopathy

Piles is a disease that is developed mainly due to sedentary lifestyle, unhealthy food habits, lack of physical exercise and so on which leads to swelling in anal veins and also develop signs and symptoms of piles. Piles treatment mainly plans to correct the abnormalities that may lead to piles. Treating piles gently is very important to eliminate the piles entirely. Homeopathy treatment works very efficiently in treating acute piles with symptoms like hemorrhage, pain, itching and burning sensation entirely. Homeopathy effectively controls the hemorrhage within 24 hrs along with other symptoms like pain and so on. Homeopathy treatment provides long term cure to piles problems when compared to other conventional treatments by focusing on treating the underlying root cause of the problem. Other conventional treatments mainly prescribe invasive techniques to treat piles. The invasive procedures are the last step of treatment in cases with heavy hemorrhage and when homeopathy treatment is not available. These invasive procedures are mainly done in the 4th stage of piles in which the swollen venous are removed. Removing swollen piles may not give long term relief, it just provide relief from the current condition.

Homeopathy not just provides relief from symptoms but also provide long term relief by curing the problem. People should also make few changes in lifestyle and food habits along with homeopathy treatment. Intake of junk foods and other processed foods increase the risk of constipation, acidity and also leads to piles. Especially IT sector people who live sedentary lifestyle are at greater risk and need to focus on their life style.

Our lifestyle is continuously changing with time, with today’s competition and goals we are mainly focusing on our goals and forgetting to take care of our health. With this unhealthy lifestyle and diet when we face severe health problems like piles and many more we rush for immediate treatment and recovery. We opt for invasive procedures to get long term cure but forget that these diseases are due to our own unhealthy habits. We should first cure our underlying root causes of the problem like constipation, lack of exercise, acidity, unhealthy food habits and so on.

Homeopathy treatment mainly focuses on treating the underlying root causes of the piles like constipation, acidity and so on to cure piles entirely.

Homeopathy Treatment for Piles

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