Homeopathic Remedies for Mobile Radiation Problems

Mobile phones have become part of our life. Mobile phones made our life easier with its different services like calling, texting, chatting, searching for new information and so on. Not just calling or texting we can do many things by using mobiles and that is what is making people get addicted to it. We can get many things done without any physical efforts. Along with its several advantages, usage of mobiles also has some serious side effects on our health.

Effects of mobile

Though mobiles made our life easy by helping us to stay connected with our friends and also helps to entertain us but spending a lot with mobiles has its own side effects. Not just looking at it but holding it and keeping it near also has several health complications due to its electromagnetic radiation (EMR). Looking continuously at the mobile screens not just affects our eyes but also affects our brain, immunity and so on. Over usage of mobiles affects our personal relations, emotions and also affects our overall wellbeing. Not just adults but even teenagers are also getting addicted to mobiles which affect their growth, health, eyes and development.

Health issues

Usage of mobile phone brings along so many health complications like

  • People who are overusing the mobile face changes in their normal range of BP and most of them face hypertension.
  • Low immunity, headache.
  • Low production of melatonin hormone which helps to maintain healthy weight by helping in metabolism.
  • Leads to memory problems and lack of concentration
  • Sleeping disorders
  • Leads to depression and other neurological conditions due to low production of dopamine a hormone in the brain.
  • Increase the risk of allergies
  • Leads to teen tendonitis which leads to pain in hands, back and neck.
  • Leads to vision problems due to light from the mobile screens.
  • Increase the stress levels and anxiety
  • Leads to cancers
  • High usage of mobiles may also lead to nomophobia i.e. fear of staying without mobiles.

Homeopathy Treatment

Homeopathy is a natural way of treatment and helps to treat many health issues without any side effects. Homeopathy remedies help to control the effects of radiation and improve the production of melatonin hormone. Homeopathy treatment does not just focus on single health issue but aims to improve overall wellbeing of individuals. Homeopathy is safe and free from toxins and does not have any harmful side effects.

How Mobile Effect your Life?

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