Most feared word or disease experienced in women is PCOS. It stands for Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome and it is a dreaded disease as it takes away that special gift of being conceiving and giving birth to new life from women. The sad part of this disease is many women are unaware of this condition. PCOS or polycystic ovary syndrome is a medical situation where there is a problem in endocrine system. This disease results in infertility and also considered as one of the major causes of infertility in women. Most of the women suffering from PCOS are in their peak stages of reproduction period. With the proper PCOS treatment in homeopathy, the problem of infertility can be minimized and even cured.

How does PCOS influence my fertility?


With the severe polycystic ovary syndrome, you may become overweight, experience very few or no periods, prone to acne, heavy body hair growth can be seen, breasts, face & inside legs, & vulnerable to mood swings. PCOS also shows impact on fertility and results in frequent miscarriages. Women suffering from PCOS can be seven times more probable to develop diabetes due to problems with blood sugar balance. Homeopathy treatment for PCOS, can help in overcoming this problem.


How is PCOS treated if the person is not trying to get pregnant?


A healthy diet, regular exercise, weight control, & not smoking are all vital parts of polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) treatment. Doctors also prescribe medicines to balance the hormones. PCOS treatment depends on individual’s symptoms and whether they are planning for pregnancy.


Polycystic ovary syndrome treatment mainly emphasizes on management individual’s concerns, like hirsutism, infertility, acne or obesity.


As an initial step, doctor recommends weight loss via a low-calorie diet blended with moderate exercise activities. Also reduction in weight — for example, losing 5% of body weight —can improve individual’s condition. Doctor prescribes medicines to:

  • Help you ovulate
  • Reduce excessive hair growth
  • Regulate your menstrual cycle

How can we control through Homeopathy treatment?


When it comes to substitute systems or complementary PCOS treatment, Homeopathy is the best option. As, Homeopathy treatment for PCOS emphasizes on treating & curing the problem from its root cause. The Homeopathic philosophy is not depended on the external causes. It believes that human body is perfectly enabled by nature to maintain itself free from any sort of disease. Thus, Homeopathy tries to reinstate the balance of that energy. Once the energy regains its original balance, it is possible to nurse itself back to health with no external assistance. Thus, homeopathic medicines are given in very minute doses and it doesn’t contain any side-effects.


About Homeocare International


Homeocare International, is a world-class premium Homeopathic clinics dedicated to cater advanced Homeopathic Treatment for PCOS and other diseases. Homeopathic experts at Homeocare International have decades of experience and they are excellent and expertise in proving best treatment for various diseases using best techniques, latest, sophisticated technologies for effective treatment without any side effects. Homeocare International always remains proactive & puts continuous efforts to enhance individual’s satisfaction by investing in upgrading technology.

Know How PCOS Reduce the Chances of Conceiving

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  1. I have PCOS problem and was struggling to conceive and I have too many problems acne, excess hair growth, weight gain. Kindly give me any natural solution. Kindly suggest me.

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