In the industrialized nations, Obesity is affecting approximately one in three individuals. This disease marks from a difficult communication of attitudinal, physiological and socio-cultural. Dogged by genetic predisposition, Obesity or overweight is also a biological response to lifestyle that make place beautiful to physical inactivity and overeating. With a proper Obesity treatment in Homeopathy, one can overcome the problem.


Many of you might have a query that is Obesity can be prevented? The answer for this query is, yes, it is possible. Obesity will not come or disappear in one day. Individuals can’t lose all that weight & fat during a period of time in one day. Required process has to be followed to cure Obesity naturally.



What causes Obesity and over weight?


Too much eating and little moving are the causes of Obesity. If an individual consume high amounts of energy in diet but do not burn the energy either through exercise or physical activity, then the excess energy can be turned into fat.

Alongside with above mentioned factors, other factors that causes weight, overweight & Obesity are genetic & environmental factors. A proper balanced diet and physical activity is vital to ensure a healthy body weight.

The following are the some of the causes of Obesity and over weight:

  • Lack of Energy Balance
  • An Inactive Lifestyle
  • Energy expenditure
  • Environment: Our environment doesn’t support healthy habits; actually, it boosts Obesity. The following are the reasons:
    • Hectic Work schedules
    • Lack of access to healthy foods
    • Oversized food portions
    • Food advertising
    • Lack of neighborhood sidewalks and safe places for recreation
  • Genes and Family History
  • Medicines
  • Health Conditions
  • Smoking
  • Age
  • Emotional Factors
  • Pregnancy
  • Lack of Sleep

Homeopathy treatment for Obesity helps in combatting the problem from its root cause.


Why are we concerned about Obesity?

People are concerned about Obesity as individuals who are suffering from obese have much higher chance of developing “metabolic syndrome.” This situation is mainly instability of individuals body’s own ability to control glucose levels with the insulin it generates.


Individuals suffering from Obesity tend to have a reduced response to insulin which their bodies produce, which means that over time, they require to produce more insulin for glucose load when compare to one who is not obese. After some time, even the augmented insulin levels are not adequate to bring blood glucose levels to normal range, and the individual now face “glucose intolerance.” Obesity treatment in Homeopathy, can reduce the Obesity problem.


How should Obesity be diagnosed and assessed with Homeopathy?


It has been proved that Obesity can be naturally cured with Homeopathy treatment. This treatment minimizes the metabolic load seen in individuals with Obesity. Almost 100 medically medications are there under Homeopathy treatment for Obesity.


They control the complete metabolic activity of the individual as he/she must maintain the prescribed diet specified by the Homeopathy Doctors. Homeopathy treatment for Obesity is the inexpensive, safe, and effective medication to every person. Regular consumption of nutritional food, having regular exercise, evading junk food, doing yoga, maintaining proper sleep intervals prevents the factors that cause Obesity.


About Homeocare International


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If you are suffering from Obesity or any other health disorder, Homeocare International is the right niche to get rid from that particular disease completely.

Know the risk factors of obesity & controlled with Homeopathy

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