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Skin Allergy

Have you ever wondered what happens to your skin when all of a sudden it becomes itchy and red? When there is an allergen on the skin, it reacts against this allergen through an autoimmune response thereby making the skin itchy and red. Such a condition is termed as skin allergy. This Blog helps to understand the causes and symptoms of skin allergy and why homeopathy is considered as the best treatment for treating skin allergies.

Causes of Skin Allergy

Any allergic reaction takes at least 10 days to develop in the body after which it may produce symptoms within minutes as soon as the reaction is triggered. Of the many causes, the most common causes of skin allergy are:
– Perfumes and fragrances
– Medicinal reactions to antibiotics or skin ointments
– Detergents and toilet cleaners
– Chemical fumes
– Sprays and sunscreen lotions
– The latex used in stretchy articles such as condoms, balloons, etc.

Symptoms of Skin Allergy

The symptoms of skin allergy, in general, vary from redness, swelling, and itching. The specific symptoms of skin allergy are:
– Dry skin oozing fluid from the skin crusts
– White bumps on eyes, lips, and cheek
– Red and itchy skin
– Inflammation or swelling

Skin Allergy Treatment in Homeopathy

As skin plays a pivotal role in the protection of the body from cold, sunlight, germs, dampness and harmful substances, treatment of skin is thus all the more important in order to save the body from external environmental factors.  Homeopathy treatment is considered to be the best amongst various other available treatment options, as it is a safe and effective treatment for treating skin allergies without any side effects.

Constitutional Homeopathy Treatment for Skin Allergy at Homeocare International
The Constitutional approach of homeopathic treatment not only critically evaluates the present condition of the patient but takes into account their past illness and other factors thereby making a holistic treatment plan for the patient with skin allergy. The constitutional homeopathy is a deeply rooted approach to treating skin allergy as it directly treats the root cause of the allergy, unlike other medicines which suppress it.

Expert Homeopathic Doctors at Homeocare International provide homeopathy treatment for skin allergy only after a detailed analysis of the symptoms, health, and family history along with the physical and psychological characteristics of each individual.

To Know more about Constitutional Homeopathy Treatment for Skin Allergy at Homeocare International, Please Call our toll free number 1800-102-2202

Author Bio: Dr. Kavitha D, BHMS is an energetic and passionate homeopath serving at Homeocare international Begumpet branch, Hyderabad, Telangana. She has over 16 years of rich experience and has successfully treated several people suffering from various diseases with constitutional homeopathy treatment.


Skin Allergy Treatment in Homeopathy

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