Common colds and recurrent allergic rhinitis can trigger sinusitis, which cause discomfort to the sufferer. When routine treatment and medication fail to relieve the symptoms, the latest Homeopathy treatment from Homeocare International can address the root problem and will cure sinusitis permanently.

Sinuses are air filled hollow openings located in the skull and helps drain mucus. Every human being has 4 pairs of Sinus. Sinusitis refers to inflammation of one or more sinuses, leading to blockage of sinus opening with accumulation of mucus and pus .

Patients with chronic sinusitis experience trouble smelling, has running nose, headache with heaviness of head, facial pain, fever. Sinus infections are some times difficult to manage and can last for months. Lingering cold may cause sinusitis, patients with allergic rhinitis are more susceptible to Sinusitis.

Anti-Biotic, Antihistamines , nasal decongestants are commonly used and give good relief in patients with acute sinusitis, but generally fail or give only a temporary relief in patients suffering with chronic sinusitis. And when this sinus infection becomes recurrent or chronic and is non responsive to this treatment many patients may be recommended to undergo a surgery to clear the pus and infection trapped in this sinus spaces. But many a times even after surgery this sinus infections return back and become a great problem to the patients. X – ray – PNS or a CT scan – PNS is used to assess the condition and severity of the sinus infection.

Many patients with chronic sinusitis suffer with severe facial pain, nasal block and post nasal drip , heaviness of head and headache, and try various treatments to get relief from nasal block and headache. Many people get habituated to use decongestant sprays and have trouble in smell, and some even experience complete loss of smell.

Homeocare International has an experience of treating and curing thousands of Sinusitis cases and has developed various successful formula which are highly effective in curing the sinusitis permanently. At Homeocare International the treatment has been formulated so as to relieve the symptoms of the patient and also to cure Sinusitis from its root and boosts immune system so that the problem will not return back.

Time to Breathe Easy with Homeopathy Treatment

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13 thoughts on “Time to Breathe Easy with Homeopathy Treatment

  1. I am suffering from sinus infection for a long time. I have taken lots of medicines, but which have not helped. Due to this problem I suffer from headache, sore throat, reddish eyes, tooth pain, fever and bad breath. Please give some medical advice about my Sinus infection.

    1. The Homeopathy mode of treatment can completely cure Sinus, though it does take time. The Homeopathy remedies for sinus infections, are made of natural substances and have zero side effects, which rebuild the body’s immunity to Sinusitis.

  2. I have a sinus problem. I feel pain all time right side of head, one side nose block, cough and nasal congestion. How get I rid for this problem without doing operation. Please inform me.

  3. I have had a sinus infection for the last 5 weeks and didn’t clear up with the conventional medicines. I want to cure this through Homeopathy treatment. Can anyone help me how does it works??

  4. Iam diagnosed with sinuses. It started with severe pain behind the eyes, nose and cheeks. Is it cure well through natural homeopathy approach??. please help me anyone just I want a permanent solution.

  5. I was diagnosed with sinus infection. Due to this problem Iam suffering from headache, reddish eyes, watering from eyes, fever, nose watering, etc. Is there any solution for Sinus relief please anyone tell me Iam eagerly waiting.

  6. I have chronic sinusitis and nasal polyps. Due to this I always getting problems in taking breath, head ache, cough, laziness, My nose get blocked and white liquid discharge all times. So please suggest me best Homeopath treatment natural remedies.

  7. I have suffering from sinusitis last 2 years ago, my right nose is block on cold season and my right eye more pain and frontal head is ache. Please advise me how can I treat this problem.

  8. I have had chronic sinus infections for the past 2 years. Recently i have been having symptoms of nausea, head aches, major pressure in my sinus, etc. How to cure this through Homeopathy treatment please any one suggest me??

  9. Hi
    I was diagnosed with sinus infection for past 10 months ago. I used to get sinus headaches every day. I tried many medicines didn’t find much help. What should I do?? Please anyone help me to get sinus free.

    Thank you

  10. I had the sinus surgery and it was terrible and didn’t help one bit. Leading life with sinus is very difficult. Please anyone guide me which medicines should I use for my sinus infection ??.

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