Homeopathic Treatment for Skin Disorders

Along with rosy and pink skin in many people, cool and freezing winter also leads to skin dryness. Different areas of like face, hands and feet become dry and in few people skin becomes flacking, cracky and also leads to eczema due to dryness of the skin.

Our skin begins to dry when we switch on heaters or other options to keep our home warm using woods or electricity. Here are the 10 tips which help to keep our skin moist and healthy in this winter

1. Consult a specialist

In order to get better advice about our skin care it is important to meet the dermatologists instead of consulting sales person or local stores. A dermatologist after analyzing the skin type and current skin condition, prescribes different skin care products which are suitable to our skin and helps in regaining health of our skin.

David Voron, MD, a Dermatologist says that less expensive products work as efficiently as expensive products, he also says that the extra price for expensive products are only for packaging and marketing expenses of the product. The most important thing to be noted is how our skin responds to the products and its feel and not the price of the product.

Homeopathic Treatment for Skin Disorders

2. Moisturize skin often

We may have moisturizers that are suitable for summer and spring, but in winter our skin needs extra moisture and care. In winter it is important to use oil based moisturizer instead of water based moisturizers. As oil based moisturizers builds a layer on the skin which protects it and helps to retain its moisture. Choosing appropriate oils is very essential to avoid clogging of facial pores. Oils like avocado oil, mineral oils are very suitable as they act as non clogging oils.

3. Use sunscreens

Most of us use sunscreen only in summer, but the sun in winter can also damage our skin. To protect our skin it is important to apply sunscreen before 30 minutes before going out. We should also reapply if we stay out for longer hours.

4. Protect your hands

It is very important to take care of our hands in winter as our skin on hands contain fewer oil glands and is the thinnest part of our body. In winter our hands become dry which causes skin itchiness and cracking. In order to protect our hands we should follow few tips like wearing gloves when stepping outside, wearing woollen gloves to keep them warm and so on.

5. Say no to wet gloves and socks

Avoid wearing wet socks and gloves as they can lead to itching, cracking, sores, psoriasis and can also lead to eczema.

6. Use humidifiers

Using heaters take away all the moisture and makes our skin dry whereas humidifiers fills up moisture in our house or rooms and helps our skin to stay moist.

7. Stay hydrated

Drinking more water not only just keeps our skin young and healthy but also improves our overall health.

8. Extra care for smooth feet

Our feet in winter need some extra care and strong lotions and creams to be soft and smooth. Petroleum jelly and glycerine are best suited to our feet in winter. Along with these also use skin exfoliates to remove dead skin and keeps our feet as smooth as they were before.

9. Avoid the harsh peels

Stop using harsh peels, masks and other toners which eventually makes our skin dry by removing essential oils from our skin. Instead of them use hydrating masks, cleansing milk, alcohol free toner which keeps our skin hydrated.

10. Avoid hot baths

Though the hot baths in winter makes us feel great and relief, but it removes the moisture from our skin. We should use warm water in winter and also avoid staying in water for a long time. A lukewarm water bath with mild cleansers can relieve us from dry skin.

If the above tips do not provide relief from dry skin it is important to meet a dermatologist to get rid of dry skin. A dermatologist may suggest a lotion which helps in dealing with dry skin and makes our skin smooth and moisture. People with lung problems, heart problems, Diabetes and rheumatism need to take care to stay healthy because they are more vulnerable to get skin diseases,infections, cold, flu, etc., in winter

10 Skin Care Tips for Winter

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