Polycystic ovary syndrome commonly called PCOS occurs when levels of certain hormones are out of balance. It is a common health condition experienced by 15–20% of women of reproductive age. A woman suffering from PCOS has a number of small cysts in the ovaries. This condition leads to unpredictable hormonal behavior and increases the risk of diabetes, acne, infertility, and excessive hair growth.


PCOS Diet Tips

One of the primary causes of PCOS is the changes in diet patterns and lifestyles of the people. Diet affects PCOS in weight management, insulin production, and resistance. As insulin plays an important role in PCOS managing insulin levels is highly important. Following a proper nutritional diet can help a PCOS patient to maintain a healthy weight thereby promoting good insulin levels. Listed below are some of the common diet tips for PCOS

  • Low-GI Diet

Women with PCOS are insulin resistant as their cells don’t produce insulin as they should. Hence following a low-glycemic index(GI) diet can help to keep the insulin levels stable. The digestion of foods with a low GI takes place more slowly controlling the insulin spikes. Low GI diet includes whole grains, legumes, nuts, seeds, fruits, starchy vegetables, and other unprocessed, low-carbohydrate foods.

  • Eating more fiber

Eating more fiber maintains the blood sugar levels thereby lowering cholesterol in the body. Fresh fruits and vegetables are a good source of fiber. This includes berries, oranges, leafy vegetables, carrots, whole grains, nuts, legumes, and seeds. Having this makes your tummy feel full and control your weight.

  • Eat protein-rich food

Ensure to have some protein at every meal and snack you eat. A high protein intake suppresses the hunger hormone, ghrelin and manages the insulin levels. This, in turn, can help you for weight loss. Include protein-rich foods like lean meat, fish, eggs, beans, etc in your diet. Milk and low-fat yogurt are also good sources of protein and some of the best foods for PCOS.

  • Never skip the Breakfast

Breakfast is often called as brain food. So by making breakfast the biggest meal and dinner, the smallest can help to balance out the hormones associated with PCOS. Women eating healthy and rich heavy breakfasts are found to ovulate 30% more when compared to those who consume less breakfast. For such women, fertility is also improved.

  • Eat small frequent meals 

As PCOS patients experience water retention the best way to beat that is to eat small frequent meals and to drink a lot of water. Eating small and frequent meals is one of the best tips to stay healthy.

Foods to avoid with PCOS

PCOD patients should avoid unhealthy foods from their diet. As they are insulin resistant, they should also avoid deep-fried foods. The common food they should avoid are:

  1. Avoid red meat
  2. Cut Down on Carbs
  3. Baked goods
  4. Chocolates and sweets
  5. Full cream milk

Although there is no proper cure for PCOS, following proper PCOS diet tips can help to elevate the insulin production and control the body weight. Consuming the best foods for PCOS can help to manage some of the long term complications. Include high fiber, low carb eating plan lower the risk of heart disease and diabetes.

Diet tips to help you deal with PCOS

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