April has set the mercury through the roof and all of us are looking to beat the scorching heat right! Not just sunburn but excessive exposure to sunlight can starve your body of electrolytes leading to heat stroke or dehydration, especially if you suffer from some illnesses that are triggered in the direct sunlight.

While we grab our sunscreen, fedora hats and sunglasses it’s time to think about caring for your body internally too! Homeopathy is very effective in stabilizing the body, plus it is natural, causes the least side effects and can be taken at any age!  That’s what makes homeopathy the best precaution for summer.

Summer Complaints and Homeopathy

As a famous philosopher once said “Your skin remembers everything it gets”, most causes of summer ailments perforate from the skin. Long exposures to sunlight can drain the body of nutrients leading to a backlash of heat stroke, sunburn, exhaustion, and dehydration.

Heat Stroke:

It’s an acute progressive condition that disturbs the temperature regulation of the body, because of loss of electrolytes that control cellular respiration. Humid environments slow down sweat evaporation keeping the core body temperature high. Symptoms can be fainting, drowsiness, vomiting, nausea, headaches to more graver ones of fixed vision, involuntary bowel movements and twitching.

Homeopathy treatment provides good results in treating heatstroke

Heat Exhaustion & Dehydration:

A common summer ailment caused by not fuelling your body timely with fluids, that restore cell function to keep your body cooler. Usually, people who do a lot of physical activity and manual labor in the sun are the ones to get affected easily. Symptoms can start with feeling faint, dizzy and muscle cramps and aggravate to fever, vomiting, diarrhea, and prolonged fatigue.

Homeopathy treatment helps in treating  all dehydration problems

Skin Conditions:

Skin Pores are the first to face the harmful radiation from the sun when the skin pores are blocked or irritated it leads to prickly heat, skin rash and sunburn. Soaking up on the beach or the deck can become uncomfortable, with small raised bumps on your skin or even worse red stinging patches!

Our body sweats as a way to keep it cool during warmer months, but excessive sweating can block the skin pores causing uncomfortable skin conditions.

Homeopathy treatments help in dealing with all types of skin disorders

Here are a few things you need to do take care of  yourself:

  • Drink plenty of water to keep your cells hydrated
  • Wear comfortable and breathable clothing to relieve skin
  • Balance your diet by taking small meals keeping digestion optimum
  • Use sunscreen, umbrellas and try staying in shaded areas during afternoons
  • Once indoors, wash your face, hands, or take a shower to clean your body of toxins

Homeopathy treatments rejuvenate your body by keeping the cell salts and nutrients intact during warmer periods. It’s like strengthening your body internally regardless of the external weather conditions.

Enjoy this summer by being safe and healthy with Homeopathy.

If any of your family members are suffering from summer ailments. Please call us on our toll-free number:  1800-102-2202

Author Bio: Dr.Ambika B, BHMS is a Homeopathy Expert having 12 years of Experience in the field of Homeopathy, serving at Homeocare international Miyapur branch, Hyderabad, Telangana.

Have a Healthy Summer with Homeopathy

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