With the onset of the looming danger of Viral fever and Dengue in the neighbourhood, one can find many people getting affected with it. Plus the recent climate changes also add up to it. And it shall turn to be more of a threat when the number of patients due to said diseases just keeps growing.

Precautions and cleanliness are the two most important things to be kept in mind in such situations. As long as you keep your surroundings clean and neat, you won’t be affected with dengue. And in case of viral fever, then it’s better to be safe than sorry by taking all the necessary precautions one can take. And with this aim to curb the spiralling diseases Homeocare International CMD, Dr. Srikanth Morlawar organized a free medical camp to be held from 4th September, 2019 to 8th September, 2019; here at Karimnagar. This camp was inaugurated by Chief Guest Gangula Kamalakar, Karimnagar MLA. The attendees of this camp will be provided with facilities like Free Consultation and an exclusive discount on medicines. And for further assistance one can visit our Homeocare International clinics that are spread across South India.

Homeocare International is a chain of homeopathy clinics that is spread across 4 states along with one Union Territory i.e. Puducherry; and has a team of over 300 Specialized and Expert Homeopathic doctors. Homeocare International offers constitutional homeopathy treatment for Diabetes, Arthritis, Hormonal Imbalance, Infertility, Skin Diseases & many more chronic and acute diseases without any side effects. Along with that, we offer  hormone cell treatment for several hormone-related diseases and  Joint cell treatment for treating all types of joint pains without surgery.  Please call  1800-102-2202 to know more information on homeopathy treatments at Homeocare International.

Homeocare International organizes a free medical camp in Karminagar

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