What are the piles?

In medical terminology, piles are called hemorrhoids. Piles or hemorrhoids are nothing but lumps within the rectum or around the anus that contain swollen and engorged blood vessels. This condition may traditionally survive without symptoms, but with the passage of stool, bleeding may transpire in many cases.

Different Types of Piles

Depending on the site of formation Piles are classified into two types – Internal hemorrhoids  and external hemorrhoids

Internal Hemorrhoids

Inside the anus, and at the commencement of the rectum, there are internal hemorrhoids. There is a line of segregation that is called the dentate line between the rectum and the anal canal. Internal hemorrhoids are above the line of dentate. Customarily, these are painless and sometimes they incline to bleed.

External Hemorrhoids

External hemorrhoids that are present at the anal opening often hanging outside the anus. These lie beneath the dentate line and these may be significantly painful.

What are the different causes of piles?


Customarily, excess pressure on the blood vessels in and around the anus region is the main cause of hemorrhoids or piles. This may occur in persons with constipation in the long term. The pressure on the blood vessels within the rectum and anal canal increases when they strain to pass the stools, leading to their swelling and inflammation.

Lifting Heavy Weights

Regular lifting hefty objects and those who perform strenuous manual labour are in peril of piles.

Diet Habits and Body Weight

Being plump or inordinately fat raises the risk of piles and long term constipation due to lack of fiber in the diet and extortionate straining leads to piles.

Severe or Long-lasting Diarrhea

Diarrhea over long periods may lead to piles.

Pregnancy :

Pregnancy or Gravidity is one of the most common risk factors of piles. This transpired because of with the growing baby within the pelvis the blood vessels in the pelvis get pressed and this leads to enlargement of the anal and rectal blood vessels and development of piles. However, these piles conventionally vanish after childbirth.

Age :

Normally, the risk of piles elevates with age. Those over the age of fifty are at a more preponderant risk of piles. This happened because the fortifying tissues of the rectum and anal canal get more impuissant with age and thus give way to sanction piles to develop.


piles treatment in homeopathy

Constitutional Homeopathy Treatment for Piles

Homeopathic medicines can be an immensely colossal boon for all those who suffer from painful and painless piles. Homeopathic remedies not only avail to alleviate the pain, bleeding and suffering but additionally efficaciously remedies the quandary and thus evading the possibility of surgery. Eminent constitutional homeopathy treatment is highly prominent to control the pile’s propensity and is widely used in the acute and severe attacks of the piles. Constitutional Homeopathy approach avails in controlling the pain of piles as well as avails in obviating constipation associated with it.

Constitutional Homeopathy treatment for Piles eliminates the peril of sumptuous treatment, hospital stays after surgery, and recurrence of the piles. Another great advantage that the Constitutional Homeopathy offers in the treatment of piles is that once it is treated the chances of relapse are extremely less, which will depend on your dietary habits and alcohol intake especially after the completion of treatment.

Homeopathy Treatment for Piles at Homeocare International

Homeocare International is proud to mention that our prosperity rate of Homeopathy Treatment for Piles is exceptionally high when compared to other alternative treatments and is non-invasive. Homeopathy Experts at Homeocare International Hyderabad,  provide piles treatment in homeopathy only after an exhaustive examination of the patients and additionally predicated on their symptoms and astringency of the condition.  Homeopathy Treatment for Piles at Homeocare International is a safe, effective and free from any side effects.

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Homeopathy Treatment for Piles

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