What is tennis elbow (Causes, Symptoms and Treatment)            

Have you been experiencing severe pain on the outer side of your elbow and is it stopping you from lifting the weight, gripping things etc.? If this has been a case then you are suffering from a condition called Tennis Elbow. Also called as Lateral Epicondylitis, tennis elbow is not necessarily a condition of tennis players. Even plumbers, carpenters, butchers and painters may also suffer a tennis elbow owing to the repetitive motion of arms, wrist and elbow. Through this blog, let’s find out what tennis elbow is, what are its causes, symptoms and homeopathy treatment for tennis elbow.

What is Tennis Elbow?

Tennis Elbow is a musculoskeletal condition in which the tendons of the muscle attached to the lateral epicondyle of the elbow undergo repetitive rubbing against it. It occurs due to the excessive usage of the elbow muscles and tendons. The tendon becomes torn and damaged because of which you may experience severe pain and stiffness in the elbow.

Causes of Tennis Elbow

The main cause of tennis elbow is the repetitive usage of the muscles of your arm. Certain other factors that may trigger a tennis elbow can be:

  • Involvement in certain occupations such as plumbing, painting, butchering etc
  • Sports like Tennis, discus, playing the violin
  • Age
  • Sudden jerk in the arm muscles
  • Elbow injury

tennis elbow treatment in homeopathy

Symptoms of Tennis Elbow

The most common symptoms are pain and stiffness in the elbow. The pain may radiate to the wrist or forearm also. The pain makes it difficult for people to even handshake and hold objects tightly.

Homeopathy Treatment for Tennis Elbow

Homeopathy is one of the most effective treatment available for tennis elbow. The homeopathic treatment for tennis elbow is not only safe & highly effective but it helps in facilitating tennis elbow pain relief, all by natural means. The constitutional homeopathy treatment for tennis elbow is one of the most effective homeopathic remedies which involve both the medicinal treatment as well as exercises to help you get quick pain relief.

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Author Bio: Dr.Kavitha D, BHMS is an energetic and passionate homeopath serving at Homeocare international Begumpet branch, Hyderabad, Telangana. She has over 16 years of rich experience and has successfully treated several people suffering from various diseases with constitutional homeopathy treatment.


Homeopathy Treatment for Tennis Elbow

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