What is Eczema?

Eczema is a type of skin problem which causes redness and itchy sensation on the skin. This condition is more common in children than in adults.

There are different types of Eczema like Contact dermatitis, Dyshidrotic eczema, Hand eczema, Neurodermatitis, Nummular eczema, Stasis dermatitis. However, the most common type of eczema is Atopic dermatitis.

There’s no cure to Atopic dermatitis. However, the seriousness of the condition can be reduced by taking necessary treatment.


Causes of Eczema

There’s no exact cause of eczema. However, according to the experts in the health industry, it is caused due to environmental and genetic factors.

Some of the factors include

  • Irritation caused due to the use of soaps, shampoos, detergents or disinfectants.
  • Microbes such as bacteria, viruses or fungi.
  • Extreme temperatures, whether hot or cold causes eczema if the body doesn’t take it well.
  • Intake of food items like eggs, seeds, soy, wheat and dairy products.
  • Stress and hormonal changes are responsible for worsening the existing condition.


Symptoms of Eczema

The symptoms of eczema appear differently for everyone depending on their age and type of skin. However, some of the common symptoms include

  • Itching sensation especially during the night.
  • Red or brown patches on different areas of the body like ankles, neck, hands, upper chest, feet, and eyelids.
  • Swollen skin due to scratching.
  • Other skin infections.
  • In infants, the rashes can be seen on the cheeks and scalp.


Homeopathy Treatment for Eczema

Homeopathy provides the best, safest and holistic way to treat Eczema without causing any side effects unlike the conventional medications. Homeopathy treatment offers the best remedy for Eczema as it not only treats the symptoms of the eczema but also treats the root cause of the disease.

At Homeocare International, our expert homeopathy Doctors provide constitutional homeopathy treatment for eczema after detailed analysis of patients physical and psychological aspects to  treat the issue from the root cause.

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How homeopathy helps to treat eczema naturally?

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