Erectile dysfunction is a medical condition that affects one out of three men worldwide. It is a symptom of physical or psychological issues in men that can develop into a more serious concern,thereby affecting the social,emotional and relational aspects of their lives. A study has revealed almost half the cases involving low self-esteem among males are caused by feelings of sexual inadequacy. Women also experience a variety of sexual problems,but the incidence is less.

erectile dysfunctionErectile dysfunction implies the inability to maintain an erection. Men at the age of 40 and older usually experience this problem. Physical or psychological stimulation or arousal results in significant blood flow to the penis. The arteries in the penis supply blood to rectal tissue,which expands as a result of increased blood flow and pressure and further prevents blood from leaving the penis during erection. Reduced blood flow to the penis and nerve damage are the most common physical causes of weak erection. Underlying conditions associated with a weak erection include diabetes,drug use,hormonal disorders,neurological conditions,pelvic trauma,surgery or psychological conditions.

This may result in suppression of sexual arousal,a partner’s unwillingness to have sex,the inability to stay focused on the sexual act,and lack of the knowledge to attain a strong erection. The reasons for suppression of sexual arousal include stress,anxiety and workload,inactivity,lack of exercise,no desire,or an inability to redirect sexual arousal. There are many conventional treatments to address this condition that deal only with problem management,while homeopathy offers an effective and long-term cure. Homeocare International prescribes result-oriented treatment for erectile dysfunction that works well in cases where the cause of the condition is psychological (depression and anxiety) or physical (nerve damage).

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How to combat erectile dysfunction

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  1. i have low libido and other hormone dysfucntion. can i use homeopathy for my specified problems i got some information from this post. thank you

  2. hi iam shirish velpula age 40 my problem is erectile dysfunction. i frequently getting trouble with my erection. please give me solution with suitable medicines to cure completely.

  3. I am suffering with my sexual dysfunction. can you please let me out of this issue. please suggest me with good treatment

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