Dr Srikant Morlawar, CMD, Homeocare International, answers queries about Photo dermatitis

What is Photo dermatitis and what causes it ?

It is a medical term used for sunburn. It is an abnormal skin reaction to sunlight or,more specifically, to ultraviolet (UV) rays that involves the immune system. You may develop a rash,blisters or scaly patches. There is no particular reason or after exposure to certain drugs or chemicals. Sometimes it is a feature of systemic disease including systemic lupus erythematosis or porphyria.

dermatitisWho’s more at risk to this condition ?

People with fair skin and people with lupus porphyria or polymorphic light eruptions. Exposure to UV rays for 30 minutes to several hours increases the risk (especially in spring and summer), as does exposure between 11am and 2 pm (50% of UV radiation is emitted during this time).

What are the preventive measures ?

Stay inside during the brightest hours of the day (12 pm to 3 pm). Use PABA-free sunscreens that protect against UVA and have a sun protection factor (SPF) of 30-50. Cover yourself up always. Beware of using any products that causes sun sensitivity.

What are the complementary and alternative therapies for it ?

If you don’t get enough of nutrients, your skin may become sensitive to sunlight. Nutrition and supplements may help lessen symptoms of photo dermatitis.Though, some supplements and herbs may be beneficial for some people, but may cause side effects in others. Homeopathy may therefore be the best treatment.

Explain the effectiveness of homeopathy in dealing with photo dermatitis ?

An experienced homeopath considers each individual case. In homeopathy, general symptoms and constitutional indications are also taken into account, as it involves the immune system. Therefore, the correct constitutional medicine helps boost the immune system, thereby helping in treating and preventing the disease in future in a most effective way without any side effects.

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How to deal with Photo dermatitis

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