Chilobesity in childrendhood obesity is a serious condition in children. Unfortunately, a large number of children are obese across the world and suffer with various diseases like diabetes, hypertension and cardiac disorders early in life. Obesity is a condition that is described as the disproportion of the body mass index and where the weight higher compared to the height and age.

Homeopathy cure for obesity

An obese person forces themselves to feed even when they have no hunger and it is often viewed as a mental disorder. The unnecessary food intake causes fat deposits and increases the weight in the person. Homeopathy treats the person as an entire. This means that homeopathic treatment focuses on the patient as a person, as well as his pathological condition. Homeopathy helps to control the eating disorder in children.

Homeopathy medications for obesity

The homeopathic medications are prescribed after full individualizing examination and case-analysis, which accepts the medical record of the patient, physical and mental constitution, etc. The medications prescribed by the homeopath largely depend on the type of obesity the individual child having. Medications are prescribed in such a way that the future progression of the condition is controlled in the beginning. On the secondary level, the medications are provided to increase the body’s metabolism so that the child starts losing weight.

An obese child eats to calm their nerves and stop the craving. Also, the children are attracted to unhealthy food types, like junk and fried foods. Moreover, they also have psychological disorders, like social fear of rejection and inadequacy. These medications work at all levels at the same time to treat the body completely.

Approach of homeopathy towards obesity

Homeopathic Treatment has its own approach. It treats the patient, not the disease. It takes into thought of an individual constitution of the body for treatment of diseases. The constitution is that the physical, emotional and intellectual form up of the person. Hence there aren’t any prepared prescriptions for obesity, which can produce uniform results. However, many people, who have used only homeopathy, have obtained desirable results in a short period of time.

How to Overcome Obesity in Children with Homeopathy

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