Last decade has seen lot of changes, development and Medical Sciences have advanced leaps and bounds to great heights and is responsible for increased longevity and prolonged life span of human beings. With these developments there is a bad By Product- the Pollution. Pollution is on raise and innumerable new diseases have been discovered and many difficult and chronic diseases have been found to become common and rampant.

As medical science is constantly emerging and developing, enormous research and study is being devoted to treat and cure this diseases. But many of these new diseases are found to be difficult to control, treat and cure, which made great scientist to rethink about the causes & treatment of disease and are now trying to develop new methods of prescription called as tailor made prescriptions and new branch of medicine – NanoMedicine is becoming famous day by day and has out-grown the expectations.

One Such Great minds of previous century Dr Samuel Hahnemann had discovered and after through verification of fundamental principles of Homeopathy had Published his Discovery of Homeopathy medicine which has Solutions for various kinds of chronic and difficult cases suffered by mankind.

Homeopathy was found and laid down on principles that every human being is different and requires different set of medication, even if suffering from same diseases. And a great uniqueness of Homeopathy is that it does not treat a diseases but treats and cures a man in diseases, it considers the symptoms of the man as a whole and takes into consideration Mind, Emotions and physical disease to select and prescribe a medicine. Modern science is advocating the same and in many ways is trying to achieve this individualized medicines. And this is the basis for Homeopathy to be effective in treating almost all chronic diseases and difficult cases with lots of successes. The science of homeopathic treatment is based on this principles and are very effective and efficient.

As every light also creates a shadow if projected in one angle , similarly all medical substances also have side effects when there true effects and complete effects on human body are not clearly understood. To answer this and give a solution, the founder of Homeopathy Master Hahnemannn has introduced a new method in preparation of medicines and have potentised the drugs , reduced the toxic effects of the drugs there by providing the suffering man kind with Novel treatment methods with out any side effects. And to know the true effects of drugs has introduced a method of clinical trials and proved a drug on large number of healthy human beings, before administering them in sick individual and had criticized the empirical medicine.

Homeopathy from the time of its discovery has been developed to be the most safest and efficient system of medicine and has solutions for all the innumerable diseases suffered by present day man kind. Homeopathy can be used by persons of any age group and , even a new born infant to old age people can use Homeopathy . Homeopathy is the most safe, gentle and effective treatment based on many principles guiding the treatment and is experienced by millions of people all across the world.

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Why Homeopathy Remedies are Effective and Safe for Everyone

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