Holi celebration takes place with lot of joy and where ever throughout the country

Holi is being celebrated in India since time immemorial but the popularity of Holi celebrations seems to be rising with every passing year and so is the level of exclamation. As no other festival gives so much liberty to the people to let their hair loose and enjoy their hidden crazy self.

Children particularly enjoy the festival as they throw water filled balloons at passersby…and if anybody stares..they are ready to answer, ‘Bura na mano Holi hai..’ and whisper a smile on their face. Besides, they will have their water missiles, called pichkaris to drench the other person from far and escape further drenching. In the middle of these coloring games are savored the mouth watering holi Special recipes like mathri, gujiya, mathri, malpuas, dahi badas, puran poli etc and downed with glasses full of thandai.

Holi CelebrationIn some states there is also a tradition of breaking the pot full of buttermilk which is hung high on the streets. A group of people form a human pyramid and one of them break the pot. When All this while womenfolk throw buckets and buckets of color water on them and sing folk songs.

And after a colorful and eventful day, holi evenings are celebrated in a dignified manner by visiting friends and relatives. People exchange sweets and hug each other conveying the warm wishes for Holi. On this day many people also participate and organise Holi and enjoy the festival till late in the night.

The celebrations start with the bonfire the day before holi, which symbolizes Burning of Holika, a Demon and culminates with the lot of fun-filled activity and bonhomie. Lovers of the festival enjoy every moment to the hilt.

Holi Celebration Takes Place with Lot of Joy

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