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Play Safe Holi1. Nothing can beat covering maximum part of your body with full sleeved clothes and trousers but the old remedy of using mustard oil / coconut oil / olive oil / Vaseline over your entire body on the night before and the morning of Holi does wonders in removing the colors easily post Holi.

2. Herbal and natural colors like turmeric, henna, tea, coffee leaves & marigold flowers etc can be a very good choice for playing Holi as they don’t harm your skin much.

3. Drink lots and lots of water as skin tends to get dehydrated with the use of chemical colors & harsh soaps to wash them, so the hydration should be replenished.

4. Using a toner before playing Holi helps to close the pores of your skin thereby reducing the absorption and the harm.

5. Another tip would be to remove Gulal with dry hands rather than using water as it spreads even more with water application.

6. A transparent nail polish can take care of your nails and never rub your skin too harsh to remove colors and a facial cleanser is a better choice instead of a soap.

7. If you develop irritation after the use of colors, wash the colored area with cold water and apply calamine lotion and a good moisturiser.

8. Last but not the least, a good waterproof sunscreen and a thick moisturiser is a must.


1.The best way to reduce the damage to hair because of colors is to tie your hair.

2.The scalp gets dry with the chemicals in the colors and the use of coconut oil or rosemary oil prevents it and applying the conditioner post Holi takes care of it completely

3.Hair should be washed with a mild shampoo and lemon juice can be added to prevent dryness and it also takes care of any infection. Don’t over shampoo your hair never try to remove all the color in a single day, and if still the color persists shampoo the next day also.


1. Protect your eyes with sun-glass or protective eye wear during Holi.

2. Tie your hair or use a cap to prevent color dripping in the eyes.

3. Never rub your eyes if color gets into them as it may cause irritation or vision loss.

4. Apply thick layer of coconut oil around eyes, so that the color can be removed easily without any harm to eyes.

5. While playing request the person to not to smear the colors near eyes.

“Holi is the day to express love with colors. It is a time to show affection. So now spring your colors and play safe Holi by following these tips ” ! HAVE A HAPPY AND HEALTHY HOLI WITH NATURAL COLORS.

Tips to Play Safe Holi

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