Homeopathic Remedies for Asthma

 Control Childhood Asthma with Homeopathy Treatment

One moment you are gleaming at your child playfully running around the hall, the next moment you see her gasping for breath. It takes you a couple of days to realize that perhaps your innocent child may have breathing problems.

That’s when you go online and start looking up signs of asthma in children, hoping that your fears will not be confirmed. But they do, and your next instinct is to find the best remedy to cure your child safely.

What is Asthma?

Asthma is a disease affecting the airways that carry oxygen in and out from the lungs. The airways called bronchial tubes, become infected and narrow producing more mucus cells making it difficult to breathe. Asthma can be life-threatening if left untreated.

Asthma in Children:

Children have smaller airways compared to adults, which makes asthma a more serious concern with them since it restricts playing and doing activities requiring heavy breathing. The rate of children suffering from asthma is drastically rising every year, with 1 in 10 children below the age of 9 being affected in India. That’s quite high but also means that the causes of asthma in children can be easily overlooked by parents as routine ailments of cough, cold and flu.

Symptoms of Asthma in Children:

1) Wheezing and Coughing (barking cough)
2) Chest Tightness
3) Trouble Breathing (frequent shortness of breath)
4) Repeated respiratory infections like bronchitis or pneumonia
5) Rapid Breathing (whistling)
6) Difficulty talking
7) Difficulty doing normal activities

What is an Asthma Attack?
When the above symptoms worsen, the excessive mucus production and inflammation of the airways leads to an asthma attack. During an asthma attack, the muscles surrounding the bronchial tubes constrict, blocking the air passages making it very difficult to breathe. Asthma attacks can be mild or severe, where a mild attack can last a few minutes and require spontaneous medication. A severe attack can last for a few hours or days and requires immediate medical attention to shorten it. Usually, it’s often in early mornings or late in the night.

Causes of Asthma in children::

1) Allergies: pollen, animals, damp mold
2) Pollutants in the air- dust, smoke
3) Changes in weather
4) Flu infections that persist

 Tips for Preventing Asthma Attacks in Children:

The best way to prevent asthma attacks in children is to have complete knowledge of the triggers and how they can be avoided. You can take some measures to safeguard your child by eliminating certain causes like keeping the child indoors, keeping the windows closed to restrict allergens, avoiding heavy play or exercise, keeping indoors safe with regular dust cleaning and reducing exposure to allergens once identified.

Prevent childhood asthma attacks with homeopathy

Homeopathy treatment for Childhood Asthma:

Homeopathy treatment for asthma in children is highly successful, safe and free from side effects when compared to other available conventional treatments.

Homeopathy treatment aims at treating the underlying cause of this disease rather than just curing the symptoms of asthma. Homeopathic medicines address the allergic tendencies of the child to negate the triggers altogether by supplying the necessary minerals and nutrients to stimulate a strong defense and help to control asthma in the child by improving their natural defense system

Homeopathic Remedies for Asthma

Constitutional Homeopathy treatment for  Childhood Asthma at Homeocare International 

Constitutional homeopathy takes on a holistic approach where past and present symptoms are analyzed to ensure the complete health of the child.

Expert Homeopathic doctors at Homeocare International offers the best constitutional homeopathy treatment for childhood asthma only after careful analysis of all the underlying concerns and family history along with the physical and psychological characteristics of the child.

Advanced constitutional homeopathy treatment at Homecare International does not just aim to provide symptomatic relief but also aims to boosts the immune system and increases energy levels of the child healing the body faster.

For a carefree childhood, full of fun and play homeopathy is a highly suggested remedy to cure your child of asthma and its counterparts.

To Know more details about Homeopathy treatment for Asthma at Homeocare International, Please call our toll free number 1800-102-2202

Author Bio: Dr.Ambika B, BHMS is a Homeopathy Expert having 12 years of Experience in the field of Homeopathy, serving at Homeocare international Miyapur branch, Hyderabad, Telangana.

Is homeopathy effective for childhood asthma?

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