Diabetes is a lifestyle disease that has become an epidemic globally. In India alone, over 62 million people are affected by diabetes which accounts for 7.1% of the adult Indian population. With soaring statistics, diabetes has become a real concern among the Indian population. Through this piece of the article let’s take a closer look at why diabetes is a major health problem and which is the most effective treatment to control diabetes.

Symptoms of Diabetes
A group of diseases, diabetes mellitus is a condition in which there is an aberration in the process by which blood sugar (glucose) is consumed by the body. The condition is characterized by an increased level of blood sugar in the body which leads to the following symptoms:
– Frequent urination
– Increased thirst
– Ketone bodies in urine
– Irritability & Fatigue
– Blurring of vision
– Delayed healing of tissues
– Frequent infections

Types of Diabetes
Depending upon the causes, diabetes is classified into two types – type 1 and type 2.

Type 1 Diabetes

It is commonly seen in children and young adults. It is also called Juvenile Diabetes.  The cells which secrete insulin are located in the pancreas. If the cells stop sufficient production of insulin it leads to type 1 diabetes. Only 5% of all diabetic cases are type 1

Type 2 Diabetes

It is a major type of diabetes. Elderly people above 45 -50 years are more prone to this type of diabetes. The most common underlying mechanism of type 2 diabetes is insulin resistance and obesity.

Homeopathy for Diabetic Disorders

Causes of Diabetes

Whereas the cause of type 1 diabetes is unclear and is attributed to both genetic and environmental factors in which the immune system destroys the insulin-producing cells, the type 2 diabetes, on the other hand, occurs when the pancreas becomes incapable of producing enough insulin to regulate normal blood sugar levels.

Diabetes is a Systemic disease and in long term effects, almost all the important organs in a humans body. so controlling diabetes is very important.

Diabetes Treatment
The question of controlling diabetes often baffles people as there are different schools of thought that propose the effectiveness of diabetes treatment in their respective fields. Since diabetes is a life-long ailment, going ahead with a treatment which can give life-long benefits without any side-effects would be an ideal option.

Control diabetes with Homeopathy

Homeopathy Treatment for Diabetes

Homeopathy is the best treatment for diabetes management, as it not helps to control diabetes but also aims to improve overall health thereby preventing the diabetic complications.  Managing diabetes through homeopathy is a safer treatment option in terms of not experiencing any serious adverse effects. In addition, Homeopathy treatment will work along with conventional treatments.

Constitutional Homeopathy Treatment for Diabetes at Homecare Internatinational

Constitutional Homeopathy treatment is required to treat systematic diseases like Diabetes. Homeocare International offers advanced constitutional Homeopathy treatment for diabetes.
It means providing holistic diabetes treatment to an individual taking into consideration not only the symptoms of the disease but also both past and present illness histories of the patient and also symptoms of the mind.

Homeopathic Treatment for Diabetes at Homeocare not only aims to control the blood sugar levels but also aims to correct the root cause and stimulates the insulin secretion as well as promotes the insulin utilization by the cells.

To know more about constitutional homeopathy treatment for Diabetes, visit – https://www.homeocare.in/diabetes-treatment.html or call us on our toll-free number – 1800-102-2202

Author Bio:  Dr. Ravi Kumar M, BHMS is a proficient homeopath with over 14 years of rich clinical experience and is offering his services in Homeocare International Kukatpally branch, Hyderabad, Telangana.

Control Diabetes with Constitutional Homeopathy Treatment

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