What is Corn infection?

Corns are the specific area where the thick skin area develops to protect the area from irritation. It happens when something is repeatedly rubbing against the foot or causing excess pressure on part of the foot. If thickening occurs at the top (or toe) of the foot, it is called a corn. However, the place of the thickened skin is less essential than the pattern of thickening, usually when thicker or deeper skin lesions imply corn. Corns are not contagious, but if they get too dense, they can become painful. They may lead to more severe foot issues in individuals with diabetes or reduced circulation.

Causes of corns

Often there are corns where a toe bumps against a shoe’s interior. Excessive pressure at the bottom of the feet prevalent in females wearing high heels regularly may lead to the development of calluses at the bottom of the feet. People with certain foot defects are susceptible to corns and calluses, such as hammertoes.

Natural treatment for  Corns

There are numerous home remedies are available to remove corns from the feet, but if you want to get rid of them rapidly, it is always suggested that to apply different remedies. Correctly using salicylic acid will help you. Also use of castor oil, Apple Cider Vinegar, Papaya, Epsom Salt Foot Soak, Lemon, and Turpentine Oil will assist you to stay well away from corn diseases.

Homeopathy Treatment for Corns

Homoeopathy treatment is natural, safe and effective way to cure Corn infections. Homeopathy treatment for corns helps to control pain, stiffness, and swelling by focusing on the underlying root cause of the problem.

Homeocare International offers constitutional homeopathy treatment for corns which not only provides long term relief from corns but also, eliminates the risk of their re-occurrence.

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Author Bio: Dr. Kavitha D, BHMS is an energetic and passionate homeopath serving at Homeocare international Begumpet branch, Hyderabad, Telangana. She has over 16 years of rich experience and has successfully treated several people suffering from various diseases with constitutional homeopathy treatment.


Homeopathy Treatment for Corns

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