What are Varicoceles?

Varicocele is called the enlargement of the veins in the scrotum.  It’s basically varicose veins but in the scrotum. These veins are recognized as the pampiniform plexus. Approximately 15 percent of men have varicocele. It’s like having your leg with a varicose vein. Varicoceles are when the scrotum expands the pampiniform plexus veins. During puberty, these veins are like varicose veins (twisted, swollen veins found in the leg). They may grow bigger and over time you may notice them more. On the left side of the scrotum, varicoceles are more prevalent. This is because on both sides the male anatomy is not the same. Varicoceles usually cause no problems and are harmless. Less often, varicoceles can cause pain, fathering problems, or slowing or shrinking one testicle.

What Happens Normally?

The reproductive system of males helps to make sperm, stores and moves it. The scrotum is the skin bag that holds the testes. Sperm and the testosterone hormone are produced in the testes. Sperm matures while moving behind each testicle through a coiled tube (the epididymis). From each epididymis, sperm moves to the prostate using a tube called vas deferens. Seminal fluid combines in the prostate to form semen when you ejaculate. The semen moves through the urethra and the end of your penis comes out. The sperm cord has the blood vessels and artery of the testicles that carries to the testis. There is also the pampiniform plexus, a cluster of veins that drains the blood out of the testes.

Testes demand a certain body heat that can be below our vital body heat for optimal sperm production, maturation, and functioning. Blood cools in the testis before entering the testicles due to the existence of pampiniform plexus that acts as an inverse heat exchanger.

Are Varicoceles Common?

Approximately 15 of 100 men have varicoceles. It is difficult to predict which of these 15 will have issues with fertility created by their varicocele. But about 4 out of 10 males tested for fertility issues have a varicocele and sperm motion has reduced.

What is the importance of varicoceles?

The main role of the pampiniform plexus is to cool the arterial blood afore it reaches the sperm. It does this by means of a mechanism for “heat exchange.” This cooling system may be disrupted by varicoceles.

What are the symptoms and causes of varicoceles?

Most varicocele males do not have any symptoms. For many reasons, however, varicoceles are a problem. Some may cause infertility and slow magnification of the left testicle during puberty. Varicoceles may be the cause of fertility quandaries in about four out of ten men who have quandaries fathering their first child. The valves in the veins may not work well (or maybe missing). Blood may pool in the veins if blood flow is sluggish. Withal, the more sizably voluminous veins peregrinating from the testicles towards the heart are connected differently on the left and right side. So more pressure is needed on the left side to keep blood permeating the veins towards the heart. If blood flows rearward or pools in the veins, that can cause them to swell.

 Constitutional Homeopathy treatment for varicoceles

Homoeopathy treatment works very well in mild to moderate cases of the Varicocele. Expert Homeopathy Doctors at Homeocare International provide constitutional homeopathy treatment for varicocele, which is natural, safe and have no side effects on the male reproductive system. It helps to act on the root cause to stop the recurrence of the disease process. The body’s disease-fighting mechanism is stimulated by homeopathic treatment. As the rejuvenating system of the body is reinforced, the disease is thoroughly eradicated.

Homeopathy Treatment for  Varicocele helps to reduce pain, control further varicosity, decrement swelling and consequently decrease the temperature of the testicles resulting in a better sperm count.  Constitutional Homoeopathy treatment for varicocele should preferably be taken at the commencement of the varicocele problem itself because the more one delays the treatment, the more chronic the problem gets.

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Dr.Santosh Kumar, BHMS is a  Homeopathy Expert having 14 years of experience in the field of Homeopathy, serving at Homeocare international Dilsukhnagar branch, Hyderabad, Telangana.


Homeopathy Treatment for Varicocele

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