Walking Tips for Weight Loss

Walking is one of the most opted and safe form of exercising to lose weight. Depending on the metres you cover and how often they walk, an individual can lose up to 500 grams per week. People can lose more than 8Kg’s in a period of five months only with walking. Along with health and losing weight people can also tone their muscles with the help of walking. One should know the basic rules of walking to lose weight, enjoy and to get maximum benefits.

How walking helps in losing weight

Body weight and walking roads influence the number of calories burnt. Usually if an individual walks with speed 5 Km/hr, he will be able to burn 400 calories per hour. It is not necessary to walk at a speed of 5Km/hr and only 5 km, if you walk for extra 3 km then you can lose more 300 calories. Individuals should plan for both physical exercises and work in there. Pedometer assists individuals to burn these calories.

Walking Tips for Weight Loss

Pedometer for weight loss

Pedometer is an instrument or wrist band which helps by estimating the distance covered and also gives us the information about number of foot steps taken. If you are planning to lose with the help of walking it is recommended to buy a pedometer which tracks your efforts and exercises. Pedometer is a light weight gadget with lots of features and one should place this on your clothes near to hip region. The main feature of pedometer is that it checks the quantity of steps an individual takes throughout the day. If anyone wants to know about the distance he need to cover to lose some extra weight, first they need to know how much distance they are covering now. By knowing this you will come to know how much distance you need to cover and how much you should expand your steps to get the better results. If an individual takes 8000 steps in his daily routine and maintaining weight, then it is important to know how many steps or distance he needs to cover to lose extra weight which is explained below

No. Of steps to take to lose weight

In general a person needs to take 2,000 steps for a mile to lose weight and for a mile he will burn 100 calories. The gadget pedometer keeps a track on no of steps, no of calories you burn and the distance you cover in your daily routine, and it is also of a big help if you don’t have to work out. One can just add no of steps to your daily routine.

1 Mile= 2,000 steps and 100 calories burned

500 grams= 3,500 calories

Lose 500 grams per week = 500 calories daily

One should take daily 10,000 steps to lose 500 grams in a week.

If any one feels taking 10,000 steps daily in their busy day schedule, here are few tips to cover. It is not a compulsory to take 10,000 steps daily, they can also start slowly but they may not be able to lose expected weight, they may lose weight slowly.

  • One can walk to the station or destination by walk by avoiding bus or any other vehicle.
  • Use stairs instead of lift
  • Park your vehicle little far from your place of work and walk the way
  • Get off the bus in middle stop and walk the rest distance
  • Take your children to school by walk

One can also keep record of number of Kg’s lost and number of calories burned depending on type of their pedometer. This information helps you to stay focused and lat you know how much you’ve achieved.

Ways to keep it interesting

Try and keep your walk interesting by selecting new places, roads, parks, neighbourhood to avoid boring same track. Select and listen to your favourite music which gives you energy and helps you finish your goal.

Never stop your walk because of several reasons like bad weather, busy schedule and so on. Get a treadmill to practice at home. One can also invite their friends to join them to avoid boring same old routine.

Walking tips

We all have been walking since our childhood and also know how to walk. Because of bad posture or habits we may have bad walking standards. To get maximum results from your walking focus your eyes 100 feet towards, keep your chin up and pull in your abdomen.

Walking for Weight Loss

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