Get Rid from Swollen Feet problems with Homeopathy

People face swelling in one foot or in both the feet which make it difficult to walk or move. Sometimes people also face pain in the swollen feet. Though the exact cause of swelling is not known but it can be due to some underlying health conditions. Few underlying health conditions which lead to swollen feet are

Edema- it is a condition where our body stores excess water and makes face, hands and feet look puffy. People may notice this swelling after standing for long time and few women notice during their monthly periods. Though it goes away without any treatment, but it can be a sign of health illnesses like kidney problems, heart failure, liver problem, low protein levels in the body and so on.
Injuries – swelling in foot can also be due to sprain or broken bone. If in case the soft tissues around the ankle gets damaged the foot and ankle will swell in a process of healing.

Get Rid from Swollen Feet problems with Homeopathy
Conceived women- swollen feet are most common in conceived women as her body stores more water while carrying a baby. The swelling may worsen when standing for a long time and also at the end of the day. Though it is not a serious issue but it can be uncomfortable.
Preeclampsia – though swollen feet is very common in expecting mothers, if it is followed with other symptoms like headache, nausea, breathlessness or belly pain then it is termed as preeclampsia. It usually starts in the second trimester and is also linked to hypertension. It can also damage liver and kidneys.
Lymphedema – when one or more lymph nodes gets damaged our body fails to remove fluids from our body which leads to swelling in hands, legs and feet.
Chronic venous insufficiency – it is a condition which is caused due to damaged valves. Valves get damaged when we age or due to standing or sitting for long hours. When these valves get damaged the circulation gets obstructed and leads to swelling in the legs and feet.
Heart failure – when heart works abnormally or doesn’t work properly, the circulation gets affected and it leads to swelling legs and feet.
Kidney disorders- when the kidneys don’t purify the fluids properly due to underlying conditions like hypertension and diabetes. Sodium levels increase in our body which further leads to storage of excess water and swelling in legs and ankles.
Liver disorders – when the liver gets damaged due to several conditions like hepatitis, excess consumption of alcohol and so on, it stops working and leads to swelling in the legs, ankle and feet.

Tips to control swelling in feet

By following few tips one can control swelling in the feet

RICE- rest, ice, compression and elevation is a method very useful in controlling the swelling.
Keep moving- keep walking around as it decrease the risk of water formation in a particular area and also improves circulation.
Take magnesium – including magnesium in food helps to throw away excess fluids from your body. Few magnesium rich foods include Banana, almonds, oatmeal, and so on.

Contact your professional homeopath if you have swelling along with other symptoms like breathlessness and chest pain. Take the prescriptions as suggested by the homeopath for quick recovery.

What your Swollen Feet Say About your Health?

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